CEE at Illinois Fall 2021 Virtual Job Fair Students Guide

Welcome to the Students Guide for the CEE at Illinois Virtual Job Fair, hosted on the vFairs platform. This guide will help you during the registration process as well as during the event.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Keely Ashman at

Virtual Job Fair URL


August 23, 2021............................. Registration opens for students September 15, 2021............................. Site opens to students to being scheduling chats September 22 & 23, 2021........................ JOB FAIR (10:00am -4:00pm CST)


  • A profile photo.
  • Your updated resume.
  • We recommend making an appointment with Engineering Career Services to review your resume prior to uploading it for the job fair.
  • Your UIN and NetID.
  • Your LinkedIn profile link. (optional)


Visit and click on the REGISTER button. You will be asked to enter the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Password (this will be your password to log in the days of the fair. Make sure to write it down!)
  • Net ID
  • UIN
  • LinkedIn Profile (if you have LinkedIn page, make sure you have your link ready)
  • Year in School (this is your current year)
  • Graduation Date (enter the year you expect to graduate)
  • Area of Specialization (please select all that apply)
  • What job opportunity are you seeking? (pick the one that best suits your situation)
  • Work Authorization
  • Profile Photo (JPG or PNG)
  • Upload Resume (PDF, DOC, DOCX, RTF and TXT)


If you need to make changes to your resume after you have registered, you may do so. Make changes to your resume offline, then return to and select the Login button. Choose the Edit Profile button and you will see an option to upload a new resume.

The last date to make changes to your profile and resume is Friday, September 15, 5:00pm CST.


Get ready to attend the Job Fair:

  • The vFairs platform does not work with Internet Explorer. Please make sure to have a different browser installed and ready to use (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.).
  • Use a laptop or desktop computer to join the job fair. We do not recommend using mobile devices.
  • In order to participate in audio/video chats, you will need to have the microphone and webcam functions enabled on your computer.
  • Have your virtual “elevator pitch” or introduction of yourself saved so you can copy and paste into chats as needed.
  • On the landing page, select Company List from the top menu to see a list of all the companies attending and their areas of specialization.

The day of the fair, visit and log in to enter the lobby of the fair.



From the lobby, attendees will have the option to select which exhibit hall to view first. (Exhibit halls are organized into three breakouts, based on company name: Companies A-F, Companies G-O and Companies P-Z).


Once inside an exhibit hall, you can scroll through the company booths using the right arrow (auto scroll will begin on hover). Click on a booth to bring the company booth into full profile. Or, select a company from the lower left corner in the Exhibitors Index. This will take you directly to that company booth.


Once inside a booth, you can view information the company has provided, which may include general information about the firm, videos, documents, job opportunities and links to social media. If you are interested, you can select the Chat tab under the company booth and enter the group chat room. Some companies will also provide a Reserve a Chat Slot option, allowing you to select a specific time for a one- on-one chat with a company recruiter. More information about both of these chat options is included below.


  • Every company booth will have a group chat. Students can be present in multiple company group chats simultaneously. You can enter a group chat through a company booth or from within an existing group chat window.
  • While you are in a group chat, you can ask questions and introduce yourself. Consider using your virtual elevator pitch. Make sure to scroll up through previous chat entries first to see topics that have already been covered. A message entered in the group chat will be visible to all recruiters and students in the booth.
  • If a recruiter is interested in talking one-on-one with you, they can find your name on the right side of the chat under Online Users and initiate a private chat. The more you are engaged with recruiters in group chats, the better chance you have of being noticed and invited to a private chat (but use the Reserve a Chat Slot option whenever available to guarantee one-on-one time with a recruiter). Since a video or audio chat might be offered (hosted through the job fair platform), make sure you are wearing professional attire and in a place that is conducive to a video/audio interview.
  • Students will not have the ability to request a one-on-one with a recruiter within the group chat. The only way a student can request a one-on-one with a recruiter is if a company has opted to enable the Reserve a Chat Slot function. If a company has included this option, it will be listed as one of the menu options underneath their booth image.


Some company booths will have a RESERVE A CHAT SLOT option listed in their booth menu. If a booth provides that option, this is where you can request a one-on-one chat with a recruiter from that company:

  • Click on the Reserve a Chat link and select the available 15-minute time slot you are interested in reserving. Once you have filled out the request, an email will be sent to both you and the recruiter with the request. The recruiter will have the option to accept or reject your request. You will receive a confirmation email once the recruiter has responded to your request.
  • If your request has been denied, it is possible that another student has made a request at the same time and the recruiter accepted that student’s reservation first. If this happens, try reserving a different chat slot.
  • A few minutes prior to your one-on-one chat, enter the company’s Group Chatroom and announce your arrival with a message such as “Hi, my name is Joe Smith and I have a 3:15pm reserved time slot with a recruiter.”
  • When the recruiter with whom you have scheduled your one-on-one is ready to chat with you, he/she will find your name in the message field or the Group Chat’s list of Online Users and initiate a private chat. You and the recruiter will immediately be transferred into a private chat room. Once in the chat room the recruiter may invite you to an audio or video chat (hosted through the job fair platform), otherwise the chat will be text-based. In order to participate in audio/video chats, you will need to have the microphone and webcam functions enabled on your computer.
  • Note: you are only able to have one reserved chat per company during the job fair, regardless of how many recruiters they have available.
  • It will be the student’s job to manage and keep track of their one-on-one chat schedule.


Video Vault: One of the options in the menu bar at the top of the screen is Video Vault. The Vault contains a copy of all the videos uploaded by all of the companies (the videos are also available within an individual company’s booth). Play any of the videos and – if you want to keep it – click on the +Swag Bag button to save the videos to your personal swag bag.

Swag Bag: As you navigate the vFairs platform and enter different company booths, many will have documents and videos available for you to look at. Some may include recruiter contact information. If at any time you are interested in saving a document or video, you can click on the +Swag Bag button to add that document or video to your personal swag bag. At any time throughout the day, you can click on the Swag Bag icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen. Here you can view or remove documents and videos, and/or click the Email button to send all the documents and videos you have saved directly to your email.


The information desk is available by clicking the Info Desk sign in the Lobby or selecting Information Desk from the Exhibit Hall menu. Please use this help desk for any questions, concerns and technical support. Members of the vFairs team and the CEE administrative team will be present all day to answer questions.


How will I access the event?

STEP 1: Register and upload your resume.
STEP 2: On the day of the Job Fair, log in to your account and browse company booths

Do I need to download or install any software to be able to attend this event?

No, you only need to have access to the Internet, and if interested, a webcam so you can participate in one-on-one video chat with recruiters. Internet Explorer will not work with vFairs so you will need to have a different browser installed and ready to use (such as Chrome or Firefox).

Which companies will attend?

You can see a list of the companies who have registered for the job fair under the Company List in the menu of the landing page

How do I apply for jobs?

After you log in, check out the “job opening” tab or click on any employer booth to check their job openings. Follow the instructions on the website to submit your applications. If no jobs are posted in a company booth, you can ask the recruiter in the group chat for more information about available positions.

Should I dress up?

Yes! You might be invited to participate in a one-on-one video chat with a recruiter. First impressions matter.

How do I interact with recruiters?

In each company booth, the recruiters who are present will be listed. You can join a group chat to ask general company questions. The recruiter may ask you to engage in a one-on-one text, audio or video chat. Additionally, most companies will give you the option to reserve a chat slot in order to talk to a recruiter at a specific time (available time slots will be listed in each booth).

How can I stand out to recruiters in a virtual job fair?

Make sure your resume is ready! When you register, upload your resume (ECS can review your resume prior to the job fair). In chats, be clear and concise when asking and answering questions. Prepare before meeting with a recruiter: learn about the company in advance, be armed with specific questions, and be ready to share your qualifications.

Will I be able to save the company information I view in the booths?

Yes! You can save the documents a company has uploaded to your virtual “swag bag”. The contents of your swag bag will be emailed to you at the end of the day. You can also email any of the documents in your swag bag to a friend.

Whom do I contact with questions?

For general questions, contact Keely Ashman, Coordinator of Alumni and Corporate Relations, , (217) 333-6454

What do I do if I need tech support during the event?

Contact the vFairs technical support team using the Help Desk in the lobby.

In the virtual setting, how do I effectively type a version of an elevator pitch in a messaging chat setting if video chatting with the recruiter is not an option? Do elevator pitches apply in a virtual environment?

Elevator pitches in virtual settings do matter. We recommend you prepare a short elevator pitch that you can copy and paste into a group chat with recruiters. Make sure you have done your research about the company you are chatting with, so you are prepared with relevant questions. Remember, you are selling yourself, even in a group chat.

If I have a scheduled private chat with a recruiter, how early should I log into the chat? In real settings, people say to arrive 5-10min prior to your interview time, but does that apply in a virtual setting?

We recommend you enter the group chat 5 minutes prior to your scheduled private chat. The recruiter you will be one-on-one chatting with will find your name in the group chat list and initiate a private chat. You will need to wait in the group chat until the recruiter has reached out to you.

Is there a chatroom available to network with other students? Typically during our on-campus career fair we network amongst other students in the lunchroom. Will there be any opportunity to do this in the virtual career fair?

For the Fall 2021 job fair, there will not be a virtual chatroom available for students.

Are there any time limits for chats with recruiters?

There is no time limit for group chats. Each one-on-one chat is scheduled for 15 minutes.

What should I do if I can't find a quiet place in my house/apartment to video chat with a recruiter?

We recommend video chatting with a recruiter in any quiet space that has a strong internet connection. Outside, coffee shop, park bench on campus, etc.

Since we will not be receiving physical business cards like the career fair, how do you recommend we save contact information from recruiters?

Just like in an in-person environment, we recommend that you ask the recruiter for their contact information. Make sure to write down the recruiter’s name and email address. We are recommending to recruiters that they provide that information under their Documents Tab under their booth. If provided, you can add that document to your swag bag and email yourself the contents of your swag bag after the job fair.

Where can I find the list of civil engineering specializations of each company?

On the Landing page ( you will find a List of Companies Attending in the top menu. This will provide you with company name, specialization they are interested in, work authorization and level of degree they are seeking.